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Connect With English

Учебный видео сериал на английском для студентов колледжей, средних и старших классов.
50 пятнадцати-минутных видеороликов.
История Ребекки - честолюбивая певица, стремящаяся к своей цели через всю Америку. Connect With English затрагивает важные жизненные вопросы: дом родители, работа, любовь, успех и потери. Все персонажи используют обычный-ежедневный разговорный язык. Каждый эпизод предлагает диалоги, которые несколько замедленны и искусно упрощены. Основные фразы повторяются, идиомы объясняются, и важные события обсуждаются в конце сюжета. Продюсеры WGBH Бостон по книгам McGraw Hill – Comany, Inc 1998.
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view       1  Rebecca's Dream

      2  Differences

view       3  A Visit to the Doctor

      4  Celebrations

view       5  Breaking the News

      6  Saying Goodbye

view       7  Leaving Home

      8  The Stranger

view       9  The Motel

    10  Negotiations

view     11  Photos and Farewells

    12  A New Home

view     13  Job Hunting

    14  A Bad Day

view     15  A Night Out

    16  First Day of Class

view     17  Casey at Bat

    18  The Art Gallery

view     19  The Picnic

    20  Prejudice

view     21  A Difficult Decision

    22  Guitar Lessons

view     23  The Retirement Party

    24  The Phone Call

view     25  Review

    26  The Emergency

view     27  Bad News

    28  Brothers

view     29  Grief

    30  Life Goes On

view     31  A Box of Memories

    32  The Missing Car

view     33  The Breakdown

    34  A Call for Help

view     35  Changes

    36  The Farm

view     37  Thanksgiving

    38  Starting Over

view     39  The Pressure's On

    40  Sharing Feelings

view     41  Unexpected Offers

    42  The Audition

view     43  Dreamcatcher

    44  Gifts

view     45  True Love

    46  Friendship

view     47  The Lost Boys

    48  A Very Good Year

Product Description "Video Comprehension Book 1" emphasizes listening comprehension skills and helps students gain a clear understanding of the characters and the events in the "Connect With English" story. Additional skills and topics covered in each book include reading, writing, speaking, culture, and vocabulary development. "Video Comprehension Book 1" is organized in a consistent chapter structure. On the first page of each chapter, A Preview section contains activities that prepare students for viewing the episode. Next, viewing activities in the Watch for Main Ideas and Watch for Details sections test students' finer understanding of details and events in the story. A Highlights page contains a short culture reading as well as practice in idiomatic expressions found in the episode. Book 1 corresponds to video episodes 1-12. Book 2 corresponds to video episodes 13-24. Book 3 corresponds to video episodes 25-36. Book 4 corresponds to video episodes 37-48.

About the Author

Michael Berman
is an adjunct professor at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD. He teaches ESOL and Spanish and writes material for both languages. He is the author of the forthcoming ESOL text and video, The Listening System Linda Butler is a writer and editor of ESOL materials and the creator of the ESL Reader's Companion Series (McGraw Hill).