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Russian Language course over Skype by Gala University


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Russo via Skype

Corsi e lezioni di Russo personalizzate con orari flessibili comodamente da casa o dall'ufficio. Il corso offre agli studenti l’opportunità di acquisire la lingua russa esercitandosi in tutti gli aspetti (a partire dalla grammatica e il lessico al superamento delle barriere linguistiche fino a parlare la lingua russa con scioltezza). Questo corso è adatto per tutti i livelli: dai principianti a più avanzati.


 Russian language conversation lessons over Skype for business and pleasure.

You'll be comfortable making everyday conversation in Russian language. $24 - one hour.

Gala University is a unique online tutoring service that offers students one-on-one conversation classes with bilingual native-Russian consultants over phone, Skype, MSN or Yahoo Messenger.

Russian over Skype At GalaU we care!: Our focus is your success. We will help you reach your language goals--whether it's to help you finally get that promotion you deserve, that job you've always wanted, or whether you are merely trying to realize a personal goal of speaking Russian. Our empathetic and dedicated instructors are waiting to help you with your individual needs. At Gala University we are committed to helping make your language dreams come true. So, what are you waiting for? Let's start making a difference together today!

Do you have one week or one month to study?
Our courses are scheduled individually and have no fixed start dates and no fixed length.

This is a professional service, which provides excellent results. Teleclasses are a great way to take a class without leaving your office or your home.

Russian words and phrases of everyday use.

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We have a long history of providing the highest quality corporate language training at competitive rates. For over ten years, we have delivered language training specifically tailored to meet our clients requirements.