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Travel Agent - Vocabluary


English for Guides and Professional Travel Agents

English for Guides

Vocabulary (nouns) 

Word Meaning Example sentence
activities things to do There are lots of activities that the whole family will enjoy.
architecture design of a building The architecture of this building is typical of the Renaissance age.
art gallery place to look at professional paintings and drawings We are going to visit the art gallery where local painters exhibit their art.
attractions places for tourists to see The water park is our most recent attraction .
bearings feeling for understanding one's location/surroundings in an unknown area If you're having trouble getting your bearings just remember that the mountains are west.
business district area in a city that has many offices Keep in mind that this is the business district so that grocery store may be expensive.
castle a building for royalty No one has lived in this castle since the last king died twenty years ago.
church a place to worship God The church is the central meeting place in this town.
conveniences things that make life easier There you will find all of your conveniences, from suntan lotion to shampoo.
custom something people of a region do often It's a custom to hang beads in the windows at this time of year.
en route on the way While we are en route to the hotel I will point out the beach and the golf course.
entertainment district a place where there are theatres and concert halls If you want to catch a movie while you're here, the entertainment district is off to your left.
exception something/someone that does not follow the usual rules or expectations With the exception of Johnson Street, it is safe to walk around here at night.
exhibition objects (i.e. art) displayed for a short time for the public to view It may be tough to find parking with the car exhibition on this week.
grocery store/supermarket place to buy food to take home Since you have a kitchenette at your hotel you will need to know where the grocery store is.
highlight the best part People often say that the highlight of their trip is the botanical gardens.
legend a person or story known for a long time According to an old legend, a sea monster lives in this lake.
lobby front entrance We will meet in the lobby at 8 am sharp.
locals people who live in an area The locals are usually happy to show tourists around.
location place where something can be found This location is the best because you don't need to bother renting a car.
map shows roads and directions to places I'll give you each a map so you can follow along as we walk.
market place to buy fresh food and homemade items Every Sunday there is a farmer's market on Wade Street.
monument a statue/structure that honours an event or person This monument honours the men and women who died during the war.
museum a place where historical items are displayed The museum charges a small fee for adults, but children are free.
necessities things that people need for every day living We recommend that you only carry necessities in your purse and leave everything else at the hotel.
original state the way something appeared from the beginning Except for the roof, this home has been left in its original state.
photograph picture taken with a camera You may not take photographs here, but you can purchase a postcard.
postcard a card with a picture on one side(usually an object or place that tourists see) that can be mailed without an envelope The gift shop has many great souvenirs, such as postcards of the beautiful waterfalls.
questions or concerns things that tourists may want to say or ask The plane almost missed the runway because it was such a bad storm.
request something that has been asked for politely The driver has made a request that you throw all of your garbage in the bin at the front on your way out.
restaurant district part of a town/city with many places to eat You will see there are many more eateries to choose from when we head to the restaurant district.
ritual tradition, custom, action (religious or cultural) that people do often It is an old native ritual to dance during the sunrise.
scenery natural beauty to look at It is impossible to capture the beauty of this scenery in pictures.
settlers people who first made a home in an area The original settlers relied on oxen to carry their wares.
shopping district area of town where there are many stores You may want to save some spending money because we'll be visiting the shopping district this afternoon.
site place,location This is the site of a very famous battle.
stairway/stairwell steps going up or down The stairwell is very steep, so please watch your step.
street people people who live on the street, often begging for money You may be surprised how many street people ask you for money.
surroundings things that you see around you I hope you enjoy the castle and its surroundings, including the secret garden.
voice the sound you make when speaking I apologize for my voice today as I have a bit of a cold.
voucher a piece of paper that shows you have paid Don't forget to bring your voucher for a free coffee in the hotel lobby.
waterfront piece of land next to an ocean, lake, or river There will be plenty of live entertainment down at the waterfront.
window glass that you look out We can peer in the window but I think they are probably closed for the day.

Vocabulary (verbs)

Word Meaning Example sentence
arrive reach a destination I am glad to see you all arrived safely.
close to finish We will close the tour with a view of the city at sunset.
continue on keep going If you're all finished looking here, we will continue on with the tour.
depart leave The last ferry departs at 4pm, so make sure you don't miss it.
enjoy have a good experience I have enjoyed meeting all of you today.
expect think that something will be/happen a certain way You probably weren't expecting to see snow.
permit allow You are permitted to have a beverage on the bus, but please do not eat any food.
proceed go forward Please proceed all the way to the back of the bus.
raise (a hand) lift If you have any questions during the tour, please raise your hand.
recommend suggest We recommend that you only keep a small amount of cash in your wallet.
refer suggest I will gladly refer you to my favourite restaurants, if you are interested.
relax sit back and enjoy time in peace Tomorrow you will have a day to just relax on the beach.
show someone around take people to see an area When we get to the museum someone else will show us around.
sit back relax in a seated position Please sit back and enjoy the bus tour.
speak up talk louder If you need me to speak up or slow down, please let me know.

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Word Meaning Example sentence
ancient very old The ancient village has been left untouched.
beautiful/gorgeous very nice looking You will find beautiful homemade jewellery in that shop.
breathtaking when a view is very impressive Under the starlight the waterfall is simply breathtaking.
customary traditional It is customary to shake hands and bow as you enter.
dangerous not safe It is dangerous to accept a ride from a local.
devastating very sad, unfortunate The tsunami was devastating for local hotels.
elegant attractive, yet simple There is an elegant dining room for guests to eat in.
enormous very large This enormous sculpture stands one-hundred feet high.
exciting makes one feel very happy/energetic It's so exciting to see new places, isn't it?
extensive covers a lot This house has an extensive history, and you can read more in the brochures.
fascinating very interesting to learn about/see It is fascinating to know how people lived back then.
haunted believed to have ghosts living there The house is said to be haunted and no one has lived in it for fifty years or more.
heritage of historical importance The government named this school as a heritage site last year.
international around the world Every year it is an international celebration, with people coming from as far away as Africa.
lovely very nice (appearance or personality) This is a lovely place to sit and watch the local birds.
magnificent amazing This part of town is known for its magnificent wall murals.
popular liked by many June is the most popular time for tourists to come here.
prevalent very noticeable Crime is prevalent in the old parts of town.
reconstructed built again The village was reconstructed after the major fire in 1910.
restored returned to its original state All of the antique furniture has been professionally restored.
safe not dangerous The water is safe to drink here.
scenic nice to look at (nature) We will go up to the balcony for a scenic view of the grounds.
superb very good (i.e. service, food, entertainment) The children put on a superb concert at Christmas time.
thrilling exciting Cliff jumping is a thrilling experience for those of you who aren't afraid of heights.
unbelievable too amazing/strange to seem true It is unbelievable what some of these street entertainers can do.
visible able to be seen The top of the tower may not be visible because of the fog.