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Профессиональные Скайп учителя - носители языка

Индивидуальные, специализированные курсы. Practice makes perfect! USA:781-7719035 Россия:916-1067737

Контакты - Gala University

Gala University

Who we are

Gala University is the world leader in online foreign language tutoring. We enable our students to quickly gain new language skills needed to succeed in the modern world. Gala University has developed profound, scientifically proven methods of individual and group foreign language instruction. All our students show remarkable results after only a few lessons and improve quickly in all their language skills, especially in verbal and listening skills.

Юридическое название: Gala University
Регистрационный номер: 987532390-987 San Mateo County
Форма собственности: коммерческая организация со смешанной формой собственности

21 Arroyo View Cir. Belmont California USA 94002

Телефон США: 1-781-7719035

Телефон Россия: 7(916)-106-77-37

Телефон Украина: 8-050-738-61-38

Skype Name: galauniversity

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Способы оплаты

Способы оплаты для партнёров и корпоративных клиентов

Bank Info: Electronic & Wire Transfers
International students can make payments to their student account by wiring the funds from abroad. If you are using this method of payment, please direct wire transfers to:

Bank of America
2031 Ralston Ave
Belmont, CA 94002
Account# Provided by request
ABA/Routing number: 121000358 (electronic & paper) 026009593 (wires)
The Swift Code for International Wires is BOFAUS3N.

Please wire funds in U.S. dollars only, and be sure to include your name and University identification number on the wire transfer. Because it can take several weeks for an international bank to notify Gala University's bank that money has been wired, we recommend that international partners wire funds well before the payment deadline and email a copy of the bank receipt, with the dollar amount transferred, to Student Accounting Services at 781 771-9035.  Skype: galauniversity